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Our services

Valuation of the property

The valuation of the property as part of a sale makes it possible to set a realistic, attractive and competitive price, which promotes a quick and efficient transaction.

In addition, an accurate estimate facilitates negotiation by providing solid arguments during price discussions. Finally, it allows the seller to know the current value of their property.

Virtual visit

Virtual tours offer potential buyers the ability to explore your property from anywhere, at any time, eliminating geographic constraints and making it easier to reach a wider audience. They allow buyers to get a clear idea of the space, layout and characteristics of the property, which reduces the number of unnecessary visits and optimizes everyone's time.

Administrative management

Mandatory documents guarantee the legality and security of the transaction. They protect the interests of the parties and help avoid future disputes.

Good drafting of the offer, notary follow-up, etc.

professional photos/videos

A professional photo and video report offers a high-end visual presentation of your property, capturing its assets in an attractive and engaging manner. These quality media improve the visibility of your ad and arouse the interest of potential buyers, which increases the chances of receiving viewing requests.

Targeted digital marketing

Targeted digital marketing allows you to precisely reach prospects interested in your property, which maximizes the chances of conversion into sales. By targeting the right audiences, you save time and resources by avoiding broadcasting your message to an irrelevant audience.
In addition, digital marketing offers tools for monitoring and measuring results.

Successful sale

Find a satisfied buyer who matches the seller's criteria in terms of price and sales conditions. A balanced negotiation that allows the seller to maximize its profitability while offering the buyer added value. Finally, a positive and professional relationship between the parties throughout the process is a key factor in considering a sale to be successful in real estate.

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