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Valuation of the property

The valuation of the property as part of a rental makes it possible to set a realistic, attractive and competitive price, which promotes a quick and efficient transaction.

It allows the owner to know the current value of his property, to set a competitive rent, to make informed decisions and to optimize the long-term profitability of his real estate investment.

Virtual visit

Virtual tours offer prospective tenants the ability to explore your property from anywhere, at any time, eliminating geographic constraints and facilitating access to a wider audience.
They allow tenants to get a clear idea of the space, layout and characteristics of the property, which reduces the number of unnecessary visits and optimizes everyone's time.

Selection of good tenant candidates

We put in place an optimal organization of appointments by pre-selecting candidates before any visit.
We carry out a careful selection of candidate tenants, which involves checking their solvency using the tools at our disposal. This approach ensures that we present you with serious and creditworthy candidates.

State of play

The entry and exit inventory is essential to document the condition of the property, protect the rights and responsibilities of the owner and tenant, and facilitate the resolution of possible conflicts.

We can put you in touch with a trusted inventory expert who will professionally establish the inventory (costs shared between the parties concerned).

professional photos/videos

A professional photo and video report offers a high-end visual presentation of your property, capturing its assets in an attractive and engaging manner. These quality media improve the visibility of your ad and arouse the interest of potential tenant candidates, which increases the chances of receiving viewing requests.

Targeted digital marketing

Targeted digital marketing allows you to precisely reach prospects interested in your property, which maximizes the chances of conversion into sales. By targeting the right audiences, you save time and resources by avoiding broadcasting your message to an irrelevant audience.
In addition, digital marketing offers tools for monitoring and measuring results.

Drafting and registration of the lease

We take care of the entire process of drafting and registering the lease.

Drafting a lease can be complex, especially with new regulations in place, which is why we take care of this task to ensure a hassle-free process.

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